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ARSI is a non-government and non-profit oriented organization and not involved

in the political activities.

Based in Jakarta - Indonesia, notarized on 2nd January 2006 by Aliya Sri Wendayani

Azhar S.H., M.H., M.Kn., legalized and registered at Indonesia Law and Human Rights

Ministry on 4th August 2006.

ARSI stands for Asosiasi Resin Sintetik Indonesia which means Indonesian

Association of Synthetic Resin.

In our association, the definition of "Resin Sintetik" covers the followings :

- Alkyd

- Amino

- Solution Acrylic

- Sinthetic Latex / Polymer Dispertion

- Polyamine

- Poliamide

- Unsaturated Polyester

- Saturated Polyester

- Plasticizer (DBP, DOP, DINP, DIDP, TOTM, DOA)

- Phtalocyanine Pigment (Blue & Green)

- Polyurethane for Coating

- Paper Chemical

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